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Getting Started - The Art of the Invitation

I previously published a longer version of this article, and it has been very helpful to clients, and hopefully other DIY-ers over the years.  I thought this was a perfect place to start - and then I will go into detail about each section over the next few weeks.

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When you set out to create the perfect invitation for any event, it's always good to know what you want. It also helps to know what you don't want and to not know what you want.

So how do you start? 
Niche websites, social networking, and have all changed the face of party planning.  You don't have to leave your living room.  You can do it late at night, in the backyard, or over lunch with friends. You can plan invitations, favors, decorations, menus - and then order everything you need online and have it shipped straight to you.  But, if you've attempted to gain inspiration online, then you probably know that it can be super overwhelming.  Everythin…

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