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Make it your own - DIY Invitations

Whether planning a simple wedding, or an elaborate one, one thing remains the same: it's not easy.  There are tons of things you won't consider until you are in the middle of it, and as many are frustrating as they are fun.

If you are going the DIY route, you want to have a hand in the design and execution of your wedding.  Choosing or designing your invitation is a fun way to exercise creativity in your planning, and set the stage for your reception decor.  It is also one of the first ways you share your style with your guests. While it can be very fun, it can also be overwhelming: where to start?

A couple weeks ago, Andrea reached out about a design in my shop.

She loved elements already included in the design, and even the colors were close. But she had designed a wedding logo, and wanted to know if I could, or would, include it on the design. I never mind adjusted designs to make it work - whether it's color, wording, or adding a special touch, so I told to send it th…

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