Be Green Thursdays

As I travel ever deeper into the world of blogging, I am attempting to post more often with meaningful  content.  So, while my business is centered on you - what you need and what you want in an invitation design - my life, while focused on my business and on growing it, has many and varied interests.  One of the most important to me is to make small changes in action and habits every day to become more environmentally friendly and reduce my own waste.  So, going forward Thursdays are dedicated to being green, if not other reason that today is Thursday, and I am inspired to start now!

The first thing that I would like to share with you is this website about keeping produce better longer.  Understanding about food and how it 'works' is essential to everyday healthy living and reducing waste by knowing how to keep it fresher longer.  So please, take a look at this link and read a bout some of these fruits and vegetables and learn how to keep them longer, so when you're ready to eat or cook with them they are still there for you!

Saving food without the fridge


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