Alternative Black Friday

This year for Black Friday, I was inspired to do something a little different by Lady & Little Bug. Alternative Black Friday is about thinking about the opening of the commercial holiday in a different way. All proceeds from the weekends sales will be donated to my local food bank. Coming off Thanksgiving, a holiday about acknowledging everything we have to be grateful for, spending time with family, and eating delicious food, a donation to my local food bank makes perfect sense.

Help get your family, home, school, or business organization on track for the new year. Check out the beautiful and useful printable calendars, planner pages, and diy spice labels in my new shop, Don't Panic, Organize. The best part is that because this is a digital shop, no one has to work during the holiday, you can download and print anytime, and it takes no time at all to participate.  Check out the shop, find your favorite design, purchase and download.  And for choosing to make your purchase now instead of later, use the coupon code BFFB15 for 10% off your order. Thanks for help me give thanks, by giving.


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