Wedding Invitations: To Do and To Not Do

Are you going to DIY your wedding invitations? Whether or not you are going to DIY your whole wedding, doing it yourself invitation is a great way to be involved, use your creativity, and get just what you want.

This is a guide of tips, tricks, and things you won't think about until after you've done your invitations. Unless you read this first. Also, get a FREE PRINTABLE PLANNER to help you get started on your invitations. Link at the end.

To Do:

PLAN AHEAD: Choose your design and order your invitations at least 4-6 months before your date, and plan to mail them 6-8 weeks before the wedding. And incorporate your colors and theme into the design - it will set the tone and tells your guests the level of formality.

DO INCLUDE: Contact Info & a Map Be sure to include all dates, times, addresses, dress codes, and add any necessary contact information. For example, hotel information to make reservations. Include a map or directions for an out of the way venue, or for your out of town guests. TIP: Include the date and time on the map card, so your guests have all the information they need to find you on one card.

INCLUDE AN RSVP DEADLINE: This gives you a final count for your caterer and/or your reception hall. And do include postage on a pre-addressed postcard or envelope, making it easy for your invited guests to return it. TIP: Number your RSVP cards in pencil on the back, and make a corresponding guest list. This way, even unsigned RSVPs are counted correctly, and, (some of) your sanity is saved

DO PROOF: Every. Single. Word. Check for spelling, times, and addresses. Then have a second person do it. And a third person. Then do it again. You don’t want to find mistakes after printing. TIP: Read everything backwards, from the bottom up, left to right. You can more easily focus on the words and punctuation.

ORDER EXTRA: When printing, order at least 5-10% more than you need. For a nominal cost, if you need to add a guest, you mis-spell or miss-address an envelope, or spill your coffee, you’ll be covered with your sanity in tact.

ADDRESS YOUR INVITATIONS BY HAND: It will take longer, but it adds a personal touch to an important day, big or small. Use guest names when possible and double check spellings and titles. TIP: Seriously, order extra envelopes, because, you know.

To Not Do:

DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR REGISTRY Send it with the Save the Date, and engagement or bridal shower invite, or put it on a wedding website. Make sure the wedding party and immediate family members supporting or helping with planning have that information; they can disseminate it to your guests.

DO NOT SAVE YOUR ENVELOPES FOR LAST. If you want something other than white, find them first. Then, you can design for size and colors to match.

DO NOT EXPECT ALL YOUR RSVP'S BACK Don’t expect to get all of your RSVP’s on time, or at all. It’s one of the biggest headaches of wedding planning, but be prepared to make several follow-up calls or texts to get the information. And remember to always return RSVP’s from now on.

Congratulations on taking on this job. I hope this helps! Get a free printable here to start your wedding planning. Just click on the graphic below.

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