Well, I think I am going to attempt to update this at least weekly at first, or as the desire strikes me.

Since the title of this blog is inspired by my store on etsy, I am going to start there. I have worked in copy and print for the better part of the last ten years. The interruptions in that decade have usually involved travel. I am largely self-taught in design. I had some early on training in Pagemaker (how many of you remember Pagemaker?) and taught myself InDesign. Early on, I had some wonderful teachers and mentors. From there, I have picked up different skills from others I've worked with and from trial and error. What I really learned after all this time, is how much I enjoy designing. Creating something from nothing, matching someone's imagination on the page, is awesome. Starting on something, not knowing where it will end up, and finding the end result is better than you expected, well that's about the most you can ask for you when you create something. It doesn't always end that way, but the trial and error is worth it when you does.

I'm inspired by my travel, by the colors in nature, by others' creations, by friends and family, and by art. And probably by a hundred other things that happen every day that I am not even aware of.

I also love thrift store shopping, recreating things, creating new things from old, reusing or re-purposing. Anything that feels like recycling. Making old things new, making new things from anything. Making something from nothing. Using power tools. Spray paint. Glue.

It's amazing what you can do with less.

Once I built a boat. Later, I built a table out of a pallet. I've helped with flooring, plumbing, and drywall; building a second floor, building walls (only once shorter than they should have been), building stairs. I change my own oil and do my own taxes. I made my purse and my yoga mat strap. I made blankets for my nieces and nephews for Christmas. I made the cushions for my mom's patio furniture. I am an amateur DIYer, jack of all trades. I suspect that all these things will end up in this blog. I am going to start with something pretty. Some torn paper cards for Valentine's Day. Check out my etsy site for complete listings.


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